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AOD Furnace

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Update time : 2016-10-08 23:46:32

 AOD furnace is the abbreviation of argon oxygen decarburization furanace. It's shape is similar to converter, furnace body is placed in a prop circle which can be tipping front and back, fixed by pins. At the botom of furnace placed a gas gunjet blowing gas into melting furnace hearth in horizontal direction. 
 It uses normal pressure operation, one side of furnace located a plurality of tuyeres,  through which transport oxygen, argon and nitrogen into the furnace. According to different stages in the operation. By adjusting the supplied gas types and decreasing the CO partial pressure to achieve the purpose of reducing carbon and  keeping chromium important refining method. This method has advantages of good raw material adaptability, simple operation, low investment costs and so on.
 It can easily produce low-carbon and ultra-low carbon stainless steel
 Use cheap high carbon ferrochrome and returned steel as raw material
 With ability of blowing large amount of gas, and with high decarburization rate
 With high-efficiency, when decarburization can add large quantity of cooling material (Scrap steel or other materials)
 Slagging at any time, and secondary slag making, so can easily produce steel at a low content of Sulfur (S≤10ppm)
 Low building investment and cost, convenient maintaining, high economic profit