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China stainless steel seamless tube inventory in a lower position

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Update time : 2017-07-29 11:10:20

This should be the traditional production and sales off-season in June and July, stainless steel seamless pipe market does not fall up and showing all the way up trend. Especially in July into the high temperature and rainy season, the downstream demand gradually weakened, but the price has been rising this year's record high. On the one hand from the support of raw material prices, on the other hand from the social library and steel inventories showed a decline in the total amount of good, and the current total sales of stainless steel seamless pipe in a lower position, relatively speaking, for the price rise Support role.

Blast furnace started, in the current high profits, the stainless steel plant production is very positive, and the recent environmental protection supervision is relatively relaxed, blast furnace operating rate has remained at a high level, the current situation, even if the recent billet and futures market downturn, but Billet remains strong, and stainless steel seamless tube inventory in the low, the sales pressure is not, so the short-term adjustment is not expected to be too large, or will remain high.

The actual transaction, from the recent 304 stainless steel seamless pipe market feedback situation, the high demand to follow up the weak, some businesses began to loose shipping. But for the current market, the overall social stock is still at a low level, although the downstream business profits gradually shrinking, but the overall demand for blanks there is still a gap, stainless steel plant will be more expensive, so there is a certain degree of resilience.

Market mentality, from the recent spot trend of stainless steel seamless spot market, billet prices have risen in the process of repeated callbacks, even in the last week under the influence of futures plummet, the market mentality has not changed qualitatively, most still hold Relatively optimistic attitude, that the current price adjustment of stainless steel seamless pipe is a normal callback in the process of rising, and the adjustment rate will not be too large. The expectations of the market outlook is still largely dependent on the results of the production capacity, one is derived from the full removal of the steel, and the second is from July to October steel production inspection limit production, coupled with itself Low inventory resources inventory, stainless steel seamless market for the support of the market is also more solid.