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Junyue Stainless Pipe widely used in many area

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Update time : 2017-04-10 14:57:00
Junyue Stainless Pipe is widely used in many area,exported to more than 20 countries .

As per the application ,there are many kinds of stainless steel pipes ,as follows :
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel tube,
acid-resistant stainless steel pipe,
high temperature stainless steel pipe,
heat-resistant stainless steel pipe,
pressure-resistant stainless steel pipe,
seamless pipe for mechanical structure,
seamless pipe for fluid delivery,
stainless steel pipe for boiler,
stainless steel pipe for heat exchanger ,
Stainless steel pipe for piping,
Stainless steel pipe for paper-making,
Stainless steel pipe for pressure vessel,
Stainless steel pipe for chemical equipmont,
Stainless steel pipe for power plant,
Seamless pipe for hydraulic cylinder,
Seamless pipe for chemical fertilizer,
Stainless steel for ship,
Stainless steel for vessel Stainless steel tube,
Stainless steel tubes for air purification plants,
stainless steel tubes for water treatment plants,
stainless steel pipes for desalination plants,
stainless steel tubes for offshore platforms