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S.S.Pipe working pressure

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Update time : 2016-11-03 15:24:22

Notes to the tables of allowable working pressures:
1. This data is intended to provide a general guide. It is not to be relied upon in the absence of competent professional advice.
2. These allowable pressures were calculated by the formula given in AS4041-1998 Pressure Piping. Other design codes may give different allowable pressures.
3. Calculations are for Stainless Steel seamless pipe to specification ASTM A312/A312M.
4. A weld join efficiency factor of 85% must be allowed for standard welded pipe and tube, and allowance made for corrosion or wear loss if appropriate.
5. Grade 304 and 316 design pressures are only valid at temperatures above 550°C if carbon content is 0.04% or higher.
6. Allowable working pressures are given in megapascals (MPa). Conversions to other units are:
To convert: to multiply by

megapascals (MPa) pounds/sq. inch (psi) 145.0
megapascals (MPa) ksi 0.145
megapascals (MPa) kilograms/mm² 0.10197
megapascals (MPa) bar 10.00

The allowable working pressure is reference, we accepts no liability for damages arising from its use.