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Feasibility Analysis of Application of Stainless Steel Pipe in Condenser

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Update time : 2017-03-18 12:47:51

The application of stainless steel in the pipe of the condenser begins from the 1960s. At present in the United States more than 60% of the condenser pipe with stainless steel pipe. Using a length of 243.84 million meters, has been installed in the condenser on the tube more than 96% still in use. European countries in Germany, France and other companies in the 1970s or so began to use stainless steel tube for the condenser pipe.
Stainless steel tube condenser is better than copper tube Condenser:
1. Good resistance to erosion. Able to resist the impact of steam droplets in the high-speed collision. As early as the mid-nineteenth century, the United States began to arrange around the tube in the tube stainless steel tube.
2. Good resistance to ammonia corrosion. Ammonia medium can cause copper corrosion corrosion cracking, but also can lead to corrosion of condensate that is called ammonia corrosion, and the use of stainless steel tube, you can not need to use other anti-corrosion measures.
3. Excellent resistance to water-side impact corrosion and odisk corrosion. The tube end may not require ferrous sulfate protection.
4. With stainless steel tube condenser, the unit can be used without copper pipe subsystem, and PH value can be increased to reduce the corrosion rate.
5. The use of stainless steel tube condenser, titanium tube condenser can be done with the same condenser without leakage, you can save the copper tube condenser and maintenance work, its life is copper 3 ~ 4 times, to achieve the same life with the host 30 to 40 years.
6. The use of stainless steel tube condenser cooling water speed can be increased to 2.3m / s, up to 3.5m / s, which can improve the total heat transfer coefficient, but also to take away the impurities in the cooling tube. Stainless steel pipe surface is relatively glossy, easy to scale, the cleaning factor can be increased to 0.9.
7. Stainless steel tube condenser cooling water can be adapted to dissolved solids ≤ 2000mg.
8. Because the strength and elastic modulus of stainless steel are higher than that of copper, the seismic performance is good, so the distance between the same diameter pipe is larger than that of copper. And can be used with thin-walled welded pipe. Although the price of stainless steel pipe pipe than copper, but the same heat transfer area of ​​the pipe weight will be about half of the brass, so the total price of the condenser tube is almost close to the two.
Stainless steel tube Condenser Not applicable Factor:
1. More sensitive to chloride, so the use of stainless steel pipe, chloride restrictions on the amount.
2. Stainless steel pipe and copper plate will produce electrochemical corrosion, zinc corrosion, it is necessary to use cathodic protection.
3. In the shutdown, there are calcium oxide deposition, stainless steel TP304 and TP316 will produce point corrosion, so long before the unit outage, the application of clean water rinse the water chamber and pipe, and open the water room cover, dry for two days to avoid water droplets After evaporation, the concentration of FeCl-1 is too high and pitting.
In addition, some domestic and foreign power companies recommend the use of stainless steel bellows instead of copper, the heat transfer effect can be increased by 25% to 30%, but the same diameter pipe resistance loss than the light pipe, and in the domestic large condenser Use no performance.
Therefore, based on the above, it is recommended that the old unit of the condenser or copper pipe leakage serious, can be replaced by stainless steel tube .