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Why we choose Stainless Steel Pipe in water supplying ? we want to use 100 years !

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Update time : 2017-02-07 22:37:27
Why we choose Stainless Steel Pipe in water supplying ?  Because we want to use 100 years !
Stainless Steel Pipe is the best material in water supplying pipe system. which has the advantages of low water leakage rate and saving valuable water resources. In the 80s of last century, when the water leakage rate of 17% more or less, after the use of stainless steel pipe ,the leakage rate dropped to 7%. and Compared with the copper pipes, the stainless steel pipe has anti corrosion in high velocity conditions. the future market prospects of stainless steel pipe is very good .

01 | Clean and health : stainless steel material can be implanted in the human body health materials, so the water supply pipe, stainless steel pipe is the most favorable health. Soaking water test, the indicators are in line with national standards for drinking water requirements. Stainless steel pipe wall smooth, long-term use will not scale, can not easily be bacterial contamination, do not need to worry about the water quality in the affected, two times better to prevent water pollution.        
02 | durable and more economic in maintenance : chromium rich oxide layer surface of stainless steel thin and compact, the stainless steel pipes in all water, including soft water has good corrosion resistance, even buried in field also have excellent corrosion resistance; data field corrosion test shows that stainless steel water pipe service life can reach 100 years, life cycle almost no maintenance, save pipeline replacement costs and trouble, the integrated use of low cost.          
 03 | energy saving and environmental protection: stainless steel pipe inner wall is smooth, the water resistance is very small, reducing the pressure loss, reduce the transportation cost. Because of the low coefficient of thermal expansion of stainless steel, it can effectively reduce the heat loss in the hot water pipeline. Stainless steel material is 100% renewable materials, will not cause environmental pollution